Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading/assessment program which is used primarily in 2nd-5th grades. The program is overseen by media and instructional technology, but is managed by the classroom teacher. With teacher guidance, students select "just right" books to read, then take a reading practice quiz on the computer to determine their comprehension of the books they have read. In our Media Center, AR books are identified with a colored dot on the spine.

On November 17, 2010, we made the move to Renaissance Place - Accelerated Reader. This version of the AR program provides our students with access to over 128,000 Reading Practice Quizzes, as well as additional Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, Literacy Skills Quizzes, and Other Reading Quizzes. There is a Reading Practice Quiz for almost any book our students choose to read. Additionally, as new quizzes are developed, we have access to those as well.

Below you will find a link to AR Bookfinder, a website which students, parents, and teachers may use to search the AR database of Reading Practice Quizzes based on authors, topics, titles of books, and more. It is also possible to sort your search results, select book titles to add to your AR BookBag, and print your search results. A Parent's Guide to AR Bookfinder is available on the website.

Renaissance Home Connect is now available! Parents can access information about their student's progress in Accelerated Reader, as well as set up their account to receive emails showing their student's AR quiz results. Student logins are the same as the login used at school.

Renaissance Home Connect

For additional information about Renaissance Place - Accelerated Reader, please contact John Dalton.